Best VR Games For Android – Feel the adrenaline rush while gaming!

Best VR Games for your Android device to experience gaming feel like never before. Check out the list.


Some of the Best VR Games for your Android Device

Here we are back again with a list of best VR Games for your Android device. We play a lot of games on our Android devices ranging from different categories: racing, strategy, PvP, FPS, and many others. But with recent introduction of VR (Virtual Reality) headsets, gaming industry has started noticing a drift. Now the games are more realistic and more exciting.

As not everyone has a VR headset and also the number of people playing VR games is not big, there aren’t thousands of VR games available. But even then, we have handpicked some of the best that you can surely try your hands on, if you have a VR headset for your Android device. Just check the list below and feel free to download the one you like the most.

Best VR Games:

#1 Hardcode (VR Game)

best-vr-gamesIf you are a fantasy action hero of your dreams, this game will certainly spike your nerves, especially with the VR effect. It feels real-time shooting experience. Basic requirement of this game is you should obviously have a VR headset and a game controller to get the most out of the gaming experience.

Download from Google Play Store

Price: Free [Optional In-app purchase]

#2 InMind VR (Cardboard)

best-vr-gamesThis too is a shooting game but instead of fighting human-like enemies, you’ll be travelling inside the matrix of brain to find brain’s physical abnormalities and shoot that part to fix it. Okay, that’s not how an actual brain should be healed, but it’s a game, just give it a try and enjoy traveling inside the brain.

Download from Google Play Store

Price: Free [No In-app purchase]

#3 Need for Jump (VR game)

best-vr-gamesIf you are peace loving person and not much in to shooting and killing virtual enemies, then Need for Jump VR game is surely made for you. Just put your device in the VR headset and start playing. You move you head right and the game navigation moves right, in simple terms the movement is controlled by your head. It is a simple game and above all, it is completely free, definitely worth a try.

Download from Google Play Store

Price: Free [No In-app purchase]

#4 Voxel Fly VR

best-vr-gamesHow many of you played Temple Run on your Android devices? I guess almost everyone did. This game is dedicated to all endless run game lovers. Experience the real thrill of escaping an obstacle at last moment and feel the adrenaline rush. Game is free, so what’s pulling you back to try it out?

Download from Google Play Store

Price: Free [No In-app purchase]

#5 VR Space: The Last Mission

best-vr-gamesThere is nothing to beat a real-life like space battle experience and this game delivers exactly the same. The game has brilliant graphics, strong storyline, and above all, VR compatibility take the adventure to a different level. As of now, the game is free to download but earlier it was priced at $0.99. Hope it stays free by the time you plan to play it.

Download from Google Play Store

Price: Free [As of now]

That’s the end of the list. In case, I have missed any awesome game that you think should top the list, do not hesitate to put that down in the comments. Remember, we are always open for feedback and suggestions.