Download Android O Emoji on earlier versions of Android

Download Android O Emoji on Phones with Lollipop or above

Yesterday we published an article on the new Emoji Library made independent by Google that App developers can integrate in their App. The updated Emoji Library is independent and developers have the liberty to integrate it or not in their App. In addition, the Emoji library is limited to individual Apps, meaning each and every app has to be updated to get the latest Emoji for that particular app.

With the Android O, nearly every Emoticon has been redesigned and that makes them tempting to get. If you are running Android Lollipop or above version on your device, then you can get them right now.

Today, we have found a way through which any Android phone with Lollipop or above can Download Android O Emoji on their phones. Thanks to the Linuxct, recognized contributor at XDA who designed the files and the process.

  • Below are the images of the new Android O Emoji for your reference:

How new Emoji looks compared to the one in Android N.

Credits: Emojipedia

How to Download Android O Emoji on earlier version of Android:

There are two ways to get the Android O’s latest Emoji on your Android phone:

  1. By flashing the ZIP file through Custom Recovery – Download
  2. Through Magisk module – Download

It is evident that you will need a rooted device with Android Lollipop or above version to get the latest Emoji.  Even though the process is completely safe, we advise to take a backup of your device before flashing ZIP or installing the Magisk module.

Do you have a rooted device? Are you trying the new Emoji? How are they? Share your view in the comments to help fellow Android users. Alternatively, you can also participate on discussion on our social media pages.