Root All Qualcomm Android Mobiles With or Without PC

Root any Qualcomm Android with easy to use guide. Whether you have PC or Not, this universal guide is for everyone.

Root Any Qualcomm Android

Root Any Qualcomm Android Device: With or Without PC

Most of the Android users are already aware of Rooting process. The only limitation is that there are large numbers of manufacturers with different models and thus, getting the right Rooting method for your Android device gets dirty. That is why we made this universal guide to root any QUALCOMM Android mobiles either using PC or without PC.

Before you jump to the guide, do note that even though this guide is universal, there are chances that it might not work on your Qualcomm based Android phone. That is simply because we cannot afford to buy thousands of Android devices and check them individually. The article is made keeping in mind the comments we surveyed from lot of different forums and websites. If this guide does not help you root your Android device, we request you to please comment your device make and model so other users with same configurations might consider it.

How to Root Any Qualcomm Android Mobile with PC:

Step #1: Very first thing you need to do is to enable “USB Debugging Mode” from developers option in your Android device.

Step #2: After that, connect your Android device with your PC using the data cable. Make sure the data cable is of good quality. Because sometimes people have reported their device gave an unexpected error. This is mainly because of the poor quality data cable.

Step #3: Now download iRoot Windows version and install it on your PC.

Step #4: On iRoot click on “Connect” and your device will be automatically be detected.

Step #5: Now simply click on “Root” and wait till the process is completed. Your Android device will reboot on completion, so do not panic.

That’s it; now let’s see how you can do the same without using a PC.

How to Root any Qualcomm Android Mobile without PC:

Step #1: First things first, enable unknown resources on your Android device to download APK file.

Step #2: Now download iRoot for Android mobile.

Step #3: All you need to do now is to tap on “Get Root Access” button and wait for the process to finish.

That’s all you have to do. If you encounter and problem while rooting then please let us know in comments. As said earlier, if you are not able to root your device with this method, please post your device’s make and model in comments so other users can be benefitted.