Getting Latest EMOJI will be easier with Android O

Emoji Feature Image

With Android O, full OS update won’t be required to get the latest Emoji

Everyone loves Emoji, especially the lazy ones like me that just use the laughing Emoji to tell the other person I liked the joke and now leave me alone.! They are represent our expression and also helps in cutting down the text. Earlier, an entire OS update was required to get a the latest set of Emoji on the device. That’s because you don’t have the latest Unicode revision of the emoji character library. Result was that when you try to send the new Emoji, it will simply be a blank box.

With Android O, the new Emoji support library will allow developers to place it in their application, resulting in flawless Emoji delivered for that said application. Of course, there are certain downsides with this and you might not see the Emoji as it should, but at least far better than the blank box.


As said above, it is an individual library that a developer may and may not include in their application. Even if the developer includes it, the app needs to be updated from Play Store in order to get the new set of Emoji for that particular app. That means, each and every app has to be updated individually to get the Emoji pack.

Another thing to note here is that the Emoji Support library will be available for Android O and above versions, which hardly very people in the world use. The good news is that Google is at least focusing on the issue and we may have some more improvements for older OS in future.

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