Fake WhatsApp Update Virus: Stay cautious and spread the word

Fake WhatsApp Virus Update notification is asking users to download and install Adware on their Android Phone as well as their PC. Stay cautious and share it with your friends.

The world is still struggling to find a solution for the “WannaCry” Ransomeware and here we are with one more virus. Unlike WannaCry, this virus doesn’t ask for money and also it is not solely for the PC. In fact, it is an Adware to infect your Android Phone.

According to the Reddit user Yuexist, any user can receive a notification in their WhatsApp to update it to get new colors. Top of that, the notification also displays web address as WhatsApp.com, which builds trust and users are more likely to click on it.

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Once you click the link, the website will ask the user to share it with other WhatsApp groups as part of identity verification process, which most of the users fall for and follow the instructions. After a user has shared, the website again asks to install few other apps, which are basically Adwares infecting your Android.

Fake WhatsApp Update VirusFake WhatsApp Update VirusIf this was not enough, the website also informs the users that colorful WhatsApp is available only for web version of WhatsApp and so the user has to install an extension. On doing that, even your PC is infected with Adware.

There is no confirmation on what exactly this spam message is capable to do. But assuming it is merely an Adware which will bomb your phone and PC with suspicious advertisement and ultimately making it almost impossible to operate. The last resort will be to run an anti-virus check on your PC and factory reset your Android phone.

There’s no secret that there are tones of fake and spam messages being forwarded by WhatsApp users without even knowing the seriousness of the consequences. These malwares can be a serious threat to privacy of the user and they may be capable to steal your personal and financial information.

On a closing note, request all our viewers to not consider any message on WhatsApp as authentic. Do share this word with your friends on social media and prevent them from being victim of these Adwares