Tools & Language Resources for Android app development

The mobile industry is growing so fast and Android devices are breaking their own success records every day with new innovations in applications. Android app development is becoming a big trade nowadays because it is very much adopted by local entrepreneurs and big enterprises. It is creating new opportunities for developers by delivering major modifications and enhancement.

There is a big scope in the Android app market. Developers can sharpen their skills with the help of the latest tools and technologies to build top class android applications. In this post, we have tried to generate a compact list of some most common tools & language resources used for developing android applications.

Starting out in app development can be intimidating because this field is very deep and there is a lot of information and tutorials available and it becomes hard to find out right one. For your convenience, we have put up the list of some tools that you might need for app development.

Android Studio

Android studio

This powerful tool is Google’s official IDE for Android development. It is designed to provide lots of facilities to the developers. It has a robust code editor with Gradle. It is very easy to add new modules as well as creating new projects. There is a one click solution to import legacy projects. You can easily fix your project structure. It also identifies commonly used libraries and brings them in as dependencies. The most appealing feature of Android studio is the Project view. It presents a straight view of your project components. By this, we can quickly access the code, resources, and files.

Some basic features of android studio is –

  • Gradle Integration
  • Google Cloud
  • User Interface
  • Drag & Drop GUI
  • Maven Integration
  • Code Completion
  • Live Preview

Corona Labs

Corona lab

This amazing tool is developed by a software company which holds the same name Corona. It is completely free and perfect for creating cross platform applications and games for Smartphone and desktop systems. Games are loved by people of all age groups and it is always being the most popular category in Google Play. The developers can create the apps on this framework and can run it on multiple devices. It’s one of the most preferred tools for Android and iOS application development.

It provides ease of developing apps and speeds up the process. You can update the code, save and directly view the changes in instant-update Simulator.

OpenGL graphics, automatic app compilation and scripting power of Lua make it a brilliant tool. Corona Labs is well known for stability and performance.



With the help of this tool, the developers can create iOS, Android and HTML5 apps itself without any coding skill required. Many organizations create their custom apps in an easy and secure way with this tool. It has powerful data models by which your apps can create and import the data. It helped developers to create the elegant user interface. And you need no server, no administrator to deploy the apps.

IntelliJ idea

Intellij idea

This tool is designed to enhance the productivity of web and app developers. Static code analysis, Android plugins and highly customizable designs make the development easy for developers. The most stunning features of this tool are instant and smart code completion, relevant suggestions and framework specific assistance.



This tool is most commonly used Java IDE and offers a robust integrated environment to quickly develop the Android apps. It is a free tool to create application UI, packages and it provides SDK tools to debug the apps.

Language Resources


In this section, we will cover some of the language tools that are required in Android app development. We all know that Java is most common among all. Let’s take a glance on some resourceful tools to learn Java for Android development.



It is the code learning online resource used by many of the people to understand the concepts of Java and other languages also.



It is a solid online learning platform where beginners can start from zero level and learn Java in a very professional form.

New Boston

New Boston

This is the active channel on YouTube where you can get video tutorials which cover everything about Android App development.

Android Libraries

Basically, a library is a collection of data and provides a number of elements such as graphics, codes, templates, text, rules for app development and much more. The library has categories for all activity and each category is organized in a section.



It is an easy library which injects views and solves long syntax issues in Android app development with the help of annotations. It also simplifies the code and provides Gradle integration for your Android project.



It is an open source library which provides central communication between other components removes dependencies and boosts up the app development.

Universal Image Loader

Universal image loader

It is very easy to integrate this library. This smart library provides an amazing experience for image loading, caching and displaying for Android apps. You can download the image and display it on ImageView.

Final note

Well, these are some of the popular tools which Android app development companies are using to bring innovation in their development. We hope you enjoyed the article; you can share your views in the comment section and tell us about any of your own tool for Android App Development.