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Wish to contribute your writing to one of the rising Tech blog?

Here’s your chance, but we do have certain terms and conditions that we want every guest blogger to accept. It would be nice to cruise around our site and check all the categories and types of post we publish. That will give you a good idea what exactly we deliver to our viewers.

We do respect your hard-work and we can publish the article in your name with your personal social media links. It will help you build your brand recognition. We do not allow any links in article, which can be negotiated after reading the article. If the article really needs a link, we might consider it. Below are the guidelines, so before rushing to send us your article, have a look at it:


  1. Your post should be at least 1000 words or more.
  2. Should have original, relevant images. (NO GOOGLE IMAGES)
  3. No links allowed, what so ever. We don’t want link builders.
  4. The article should pass Copyscape test.
  5. Article should be informative and should be helpful to our viewers.
  6. Most importantly, the topic of the article should fit in any one category of DotAndroid.

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