Enable Unknown sources option on Android Phone or Mobile – How To?

Enable Unknown sources option on Android

Today, we will guide on how to enable unknown sources on Android to install Apps or Games downloaded out from Google Play Store. Many a time you might have faced it that you download an APK file from an external source and then get an error while installing it on your Android mobile phone; “enable installation from unknown sources”. This feature is nothing but to make sure that you do not install anything that can be harmful to your privacy while using Android.

But if you are sure of the source from where your downloaded the APK file and wish to install it, then this is the ultimate guide you should follow in order to enable unknown sources option on your Android mobile phone. Just follow below given easy steps and after doing that, install the APK and you wish to.

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How to enable unknown sources option on Android device:

Step #1: On your Android mobile / Table, go to Settings app.

Step #2: Under Settings app, tap on Security option.

Step #3: Depending on your manufacturer and Android version, things will be a little different for every user. But the concept is similar. Either you’ll have to check box beside “Unknown sources” or you’ll have to toggle ON the switch beside “Unknown sources”.

Step #4: You’ll now see a warning message, just click “OK” and proceed with installing the APK file your wish to install.

That’s all for today! You’ll now be able to download and install any App or Game apart from Google Play Store. But always remember, installing anything from any external sources is dangerous, as it may contain virus or other harmful files which can result in privacy theft.

In case you face any issues, don’t forget to use the comment box below this post and we will be happy to help you to our best efforts