iPhone like Assistive Touch For Android: How to Get it?

Searching for Assistive Touch for Android? Here’s the guide to help you out

Most of the Android users are fascinated by some of the features of iPhone. But at the same time, they do not wish to move to iOS, compared to the liberty they enjoy on Android. Assistive Touch is one of the feature that iPhone offers, but not Android. So my question, how to get Assistive Touch For Android, that too with little more advanced compared to iPhone?

Well, the answer is right there in this post. We have found a very useful, nifty little app that will help you get the same Assistive Touch of iPhone on your Android device, that too for free. So stay with me through this step-by-step guide and follow the steps given below.

How to get iPhone like Assistive Touch For Android for Free:

Step #1: First of all install Assistive Touch app on your Android device.

assistive touch for androidStep #2: After you have installed the app, launch it.

Step #3: Now right in the middle of the screen inside app, you’ll see a big circle, Tap it to enable the Assistive Touch feature.
Step #4: You can customize the “Assistive Touch” icon from the customization options given inside the app. In addition, you can also select shortcuts with the Settings option inside the app.

Isn’t that really a useful app? For beginners, the app will take a day or two to get used to this new navigation technique. But once you are pro at this thing, you’ll surely never get rid of it. The app is almost similar to iPhone’s Assistive Touch but Android’s app has little more to offer compared to iOS.

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