How to Play YouTube videos in Background on Android?

Play YouTube Videos In Background on Android While you Do Something Else

There are millions of different types of videos available on YouTube; ranging from songs, movie trailers, fitness, and many more. The only limitation is that as soon as you minimize the YouTube app to do something else on your Android, the YouTube playback stops. That’s because YouTube wants you to stay on the app while you are watching anything, that’s how the advertising business works.

Most of us use YouTube to listen to music and in this era of multi-tasking, you just can’t stick to the app all the time. So what’s the solution? How you can play YouTube videos in Background on your Android device? Well, that’s exactly what we are going to guide you today. Stay with me till the end of this guide and you shall be able to enjoy music from YouTube while you do something else on any other app.

[Guide] Play YouTube in Background on Android:

Step #1: Very first thing you’ll need to do is to download Y Music App on your Android device. This app is not available on Google Play Store and so you’ll have to have enable unknown resource option on your device.

Step #2: After your have downloaded and installed the Y Music App, launch the official YouTube app on your Android device.

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Step #3: Search for any video you wish to play in Background and then tap on the “Share” icon.

Play YouTube video in Background Step #4: You’ll have lot of options for sharing that particular video, with additional two new sharing options. Tap on “Play

Play YouTube video in Background Step #5: After you start hearing the playback, you can close YouTube app on your Android and keep enjoying the audio playback of the video.

That’s all for tonight folks! That must have been easy, right? If not, we do have a comment option right below this post, don’t forget to use it.