OnePlus 5 – Specs, Release Date, Rumors and much more

OnePlus 5 Specs leaked and confirmed by Chinese Radio Regulatory Authority

There’s no doubt about popularity of OnePlus devices. Every model from the company has been equally successful as its predecessor. OnePlus 5 is next model expected to be released by the company and its specs, and release dates are leaked. We have compiled every piece of information about the upcoming device and noted it down here in this post for your convenience.

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OnePlus 5 Specs:


OnePlus 5 Specs

OnePlus 5 release date:

As of now, there is no official announcement from the company about the release date. But the data is confirmed by China’s Radio Regulation Authority bearing the model number A5000, which means the device is surely coming this year.

Apart from that, the name of the device is also possibly be OnePlus 5, rather than OnePlus 4. That’s because, the number 4 in Chinese resembles death and thus it is considered unlucky.

OnePlus 5 Price:

As there is no official word from the manufacturer about release date and also the price, it is not possible to determine the exact price for the upcoming OnePlus 5. But what we can assume is that the price will be slightly higher than OnePlus 3T, which is yet another highly successful phone launched by the company.

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