Backup Contacts on Android – Ultimate guide to never lose any valuable contact

backup contacts on Android

Never lose any contacts ever – Backup Contacts on Android with this guide

Over the period of time, we install lot of things on our Android mobile. Out of the scrap we put in our device, the most important are our contacts. Backup Contacts on Android regularly so that if anything goes out of control, you’ll not lose anything.  Apart from just contacts, you should also develop a habit of taking backup of your favorite pictures either on your Hard drive or on any of the cloud services available.

There are many people out there, who like to root their device and try new Custom ROMs for better user experience. The pro guys already know what they are doing and have everything backed up. The problem is faced by newbie, who out of excitement just rush to try new Custom ROMs and later realize that they just formatted their entire device, with zero backup. So in order not be in similar situation, I’ll guide you how you can be sure of never losing any contact from your Android phone.

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Backup Contacts on Android:

  • There are many third party apps available to do backup tasks. I’ll personally advice not to go with any third-party apps for backup, as everything is readily available in native Android features. In addition, these third-party apps will consume RAM and also Storage.
  • The most effective and safest way is to sync your contacts with your Google account, the one which you used while registering your newly bought Android device. All you’ll have to do is go to Settings > Accounts & Sync > Select your Google Account > Enable “Tick” beside Contacts. Now every time you save a new contact from Dialer App, you’ll see prompt with options showing destination of various saving methods. Select your Google Account.
  • One more way is to export your contacts to SD card and then copy them to Google Drive, Laptop, or anywhere safe. The only drawback is that you’ll lose newly added contacts after taking the backup.

If I was you, I’ll bet my money on Google. It syncs new contact instantly and I’ll not have to bother to do anything manually. This not only reduces my job, but also makes sure that I can mess with my Android device whenever I wish to.

What do you do to keep a sound backup of contacts on your Android phone? Do share with us in the comments.