Mason Jar Magic: Creative Upcycling Ideas for Planters, Lights

Are you on the hunt for sustainable and artistic ways to spruce up your living space? Look no further than the humble mason jar! These versatile glass containers can be transformed into stunning planters, whimsical lights, and more with just a bit of creativity and elbow grease. Join us as we explore the world of mason jar magic, where upcycling meets functionality and style.

Mason Jar Planters

Benefits of Mason Jar Planters

Embracing the trend of miniature gardens, mason jar planters offer a space-saving solution for urban dwellers or those with limited outdoor areas. Not only are they compact and charming, but they also double as decorative accents, adding a touch of rustic charm to any room. Plus, their size makes them incredibly low-maintenance, allowing even the most forgetful gardeners to keep their plants thriving.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Crafting your own mason jar planter is a breeze! First, gather your supplies: a few mason jars (thrift stores are a goldmine for these), a drill or hammer for creating drainage holes, potting soil, and your plant of choice.

Next, prepare the jars by thoroughly cleaning them and punching a few holes in the bottom for drainage. If you’re feeling extra creative, consider painting or decorating the jars to match your desired aesthetic.

Once the jars are ready, it’s time to get your hands dirty! Fill the bottom with a layer of gravel or pebbles to aid drainage, then add your potting soil. Finally, carefully introduce your plant, gently packing the soil around its roots.

Design Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to mason jar planters! For a touch of whimsy, try suspending them from the ceiling as hanging planters or clustering them together to create a living wall. If you prefer a more contained look, transform a single jar into a charming terrarium by adding moss, miniature figurines, and a lid. Or, embrace practicality by cultivating an herb garden right on your kitchen windowsill.

Mason Jar Lighting

Advantages of Mason Jar Lights

Forget about boring, run-of-the-mill lamps – mason jar lights offer a rustic, cozy ambiance that will elevate any space. Not only are they budget-friendly, but they also provide a blank canvas for your creative expression. Customize them with ribbons, lace, or twine to match your decor, or leave them au naturel for a stripped-down, farmhouse vibe.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To craft your own mason jar lights, you’ll need a few supplies: mason jars (of course), a drill for creating openings, electrical wire, light sockets or LED strings, and any decorative elements you desire.

Begin by carefully drilling holes in the lids of your mason jars – this will allow the wiring to pass through. Next, feed the electrical wire through the holes and connect it to your light source, whether it’s a traditional socket or a strand of LED lights.

For added flair, consider wrapping the jars with burlap, lace, or twine, or even painting them in your favorite hues. Just be sure to leave the top portion untouched for the light to shine through.

Design Ideas

The beauty of mason jar lights lies in their versatility. Hang them from the ceiling as charming pendant lights, cluster them together for a show-stopping chandelier, or place them on tabletops as ambient lamps. For outdoor spaces, transform them into whimsical pathway lights or festive patio lanterns.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, repurpose the jars as candle holders for a cozy, flickering glow. Simply add a votive or pillar candle, and voila – instant hygge vibes!

Advanced Upcycling Projects

Mason Jar Chandeliers

Take your lighting game to new heights with a showstopping mason jar chandelier. This project involves combining multiple jars of varying sizes and suspending them from a central frame or wire. Not only does it create a stunning focal point, but it also allows you to play with different jar configurations and light sources for a truly unique piece.

Mason Jar Crafts

The upcycling possibilities don’t stop at planters and lights! Mason jars can be transformed into vases for fresh blooms, stylish storage containers for pantry staples or desk accessories, and even decorative ornaments for your holiday tree. Get creative with paints, stencils, and embellishments to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect your personal style.

Tips and Tricks

  • Sourcing mason jars: Thrift stores, yard sales, and even your grandma’s basement are goldmines for these glass gems. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes and styles for added interest.
  • Cleaning and preparing used jars: To remove stubborn labels and residue, soak the jars in a vinegar solution or use a scrub pad with baking soda. This will ensure a clean slate for your crafting endeavors.
  • Safety first: When working with electrical components, always prioritize safety. Follow instructions carefully and consider enlisting the help of a professional if you’re unsure about wiring or electrical work.


By breathing new life into humble mason jars, you’re not only embracing sustainable living but also unleashing your creative potential. From charming planters to whimsical lights, these upcycling projects offer endless possibilities for personalizing your space while reducing waste. So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and let your inner crafter shine! Who knows, you might just discover a newfound passion for mason jar magic.


Can I use any type of plant in a mason jar planter?

While most small plants or herbs can thrive in mason jar planters, it’s essential to consider their specific needs. Plants that require more soil depth or have extensive root systems may not be suitable for these compact containers.

Is it safe to use mason jars for lighting projects?

As long as you follow proper safety protocols and use appropriate electrical components, mason jars make excellent vessels for lighting projects. Just be sure to handle them with care, as the glass can break if mishandled.

How do I prevent soil from spilling out of the drainage holes in my mason jar planter?

A simple solution is to line the bottom of the jar with a coffee filter or a piece of mesh before adding the gravel and soil layers. This will allow excess water to drain while containing the soil.

Can I use mason jars for outdoor lighting projects?

Yes! Mason jars are weather-resistant and can be used for outdoor lighting projects like pathway lights or patio lanterns. Just be sure to use weatherproof electrical components and take precautions to protect the jars from extreme temperatures or moisture.

How can I hang a mason jar chandelier or pendant light securely?

For larger or heavier mason jar lighting projects, it’s best to use a sturdy mounting kit designed specifically for hanging light fixtures. You may also want to consult a professional electrician or handyperson to ensure proper installation and safety.

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